Top 5 Most Female Dominated Career

In this modern world, many occupations are seeing almost equal representation from both women and men. What careers are women dominating? Traditionally, women worked as teachers, nurses, and secretaries. While that partially remains true, women are now taking over other professions previously dominated by men as well. Curious about which ones? Here are the top 5 most female-dominated careers.

  1. Pre-school and kindergarten teachers - Early childhood educators play a pivotal role in caring for and educating kids. Since women are naturally born to be nurturers, it is easy for them to do the job and excel in it. 
  2. Dieticians and Nutritionists - Dietitians and nutritionists aim to help people eat better and live a healthy lifestyle. They can work in a variety of settings, from hospitals and nursing homes to cafeterias and state governments.
  3. Hairdressers, cosmetologists, and hairstylists - since women love to be beautiful and have an eye for beauty, they make up a large majority of hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists. Typically, these jobs are available in a barbershop or salon, but there's also an opportunity to offer these services in clients' homes. You can start your own business; there's a lot of flexibility in this field.
  4. Secretaries and Administrative Assistants - Women are more organized and detail-oriented which is why most executives preferred women as their assistants. ​
  5. Childcare workers - As mentioned, women are nurturers. Childcare workers work in a variety of settings, including daycare centers, private household, and sometimes even their own homes. Duties include dressing, feeding, monitoring playtime, and overall caring for children.

Truly, the world is changing. It's exciting to imagine what the next decade will bring for women and to consider what women-dominated professions will make in the coming years.

How about you, what is your profession? We'd love to know in the comment section below!

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