How to Dress Professionally When It's Freezing Out

Dressing for work during the winter season can be challenging, especially for women. You want to feel warm and comfortable, while also looking stylish and professional.

Here are five tips for dressing professionally when it's freezing out:

  • Wear long coats, scarves, and gloves
  •  These winter-appropriate accessories will not only protect you from cold weather but also ensure that you look professional. Also, you will also feel comfortable and warm all throughout the day.

  • Thick Layers
  • Before you head out for the day, check the weather forecast and plan your layers accordingly. With layers, you can easily adjust the level of warmth you need throughout the day. Wearing a sweater over a nice dress shirt, for example, offers some flexibility. You'll look professional when you're chilly and the sweater is on, and when you get warm and take it off.

  • Shawls and blazers
  • Most of the time, our office can become chilly. Ensuring that you are kept warm should be of high importance. Just carry a shawl or extra blazer so that you can quickly warm up in a freezing office. Plus, a shawl can double as a blanket, and you can still look professional when you wrap it around your upper body or lap.

  • Sweaters
  • Even though it is evident that wearing sweaters protect you from cold weather, you should know that not all fabrics are created equal. Wearing sustainable sweaters like cotton fabrics which are lightweight and comfortable to wear if you are going to work in moderate weather. For extreme weather conditions, you should carry heavy wool sweaters for maximum warmth and comfort.

  • Keep an extra pair of shoes under your desk
  • Wearing heels or dress shoes to work in the middle of a snowstorm is dangerous and your feet will freeze. Wear snow boots and change once you arrive at the office.

    Planning your outfits for the weather ahead can help you avoid unfavorable circumstances. You will be comfortable, better prepared to take on your day, and most importantly, happier that you took that extra step.

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