Bring Out The Power In You

Going on a job interview soon? Starting a new corporate job? Or having a client presentation?

Choosing the color of your suit matters because you want to feel confident, vibrant, and powerful.

Here are the 3 power colors that you should wear to ooze that confidence and power.

Red is the most stimulating color. It’s the color of fire. It’s the color of energy and an attention grabber. It conveys strength and creates a visual impact. If you want to be visible and present, wear a red suit!

Yellow is the color of happiness and optimism. It has the power to stimulate creativity and facilitates the flow of communication.

Blue is a cool color and is perceived as sincere and trustworthy. It conveys reliability and dependability. No wonder it’s most people’s favorite color! 

Have you chosen what color to wear on your next day to work? Colors can just be one factor but the way you carry yourself will say it all.

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