4 Types of Career Women

4 Types Of Career Women 

  • The Professional Type
  • These women are specialists and eager to make difference. They tend to study hard in order to grow their careers or obtain qualifications. 

  • The Showy Type
  • Women who are fishing for likes. Women in this category are characterized by the speed with which they pick up on the latest trends and their eagerness to check out places that people are talking about. They believe that personal fulfillment is affected by how fulfilling one’s job is so they are more highly motivated workers than you might expect.

  • The Oddball Type
  • cares very little about work, romance, or marriage; she channels all her energies into her interests. Her low motivation on the job is matched by a focus on her personal life. Workdays leave her feeling kind of down.

  • The Humdrum Type
  • They are the passive, unambitious type who takes life at her own pace. They aren’t fond of interacting with others. 

    Not all career women necessarily fall neatly into one or another of these categories but defining each type as a specific character and re-examining everyday life through her eyes may afford new insights.

    With whom do you identify yourself? 

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